Line Lock - Industry First Factory Option for Performance Drivers


Ford rejuvenated the fledging pony car market when it released the retro 2005 Mustang back in Fall of 2004. Since then the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger have returned to the game. With their return the competition has become fierce but Ford is determined to keep the Mustang one step ahead  with the release of the all-new 2015 Mustang. Ford has moved the Mustang several leaps forward in styling and technology while at the same time keeping the Mustang true to its roots. Good old American rear-wheel drive performance is what the Mustang still offers its loyal buyers.

The Mustang has for many years been a favorite among the drag track scene. For 2015, Ford has just the ticket for these folks, with the introduction of a new option on the soon to be released 2015 Mustang called linelock-1Line Lock. With Line Lock (which only requires selecting the option on the dash gauge cluster GUI interface) the braking system controlling the rolling movement of the front wheels completely lock allowing for an easy rear tire burnout. This is a big help to drag racers since it allows the Mustang to do perfect burnouts without any forward car movement. Standstill burnouts at the drag strip are usually done immediately before a drag race to heat up the tires thereby improving traction during the drag race. For those who plan on taking their Mustangs to the track, this will be a well used feature.

What Ford isn't going to mention, but is a given is that most of the Ford Mustang owners who will use this feature, will do so to perform the perfect parking lot or street burnouts. Ten years from now, it's safe to say, there will be plenty of high school adolescents or college students doing parking lot burnouts with 2015 Mustangs.

At this time Ford hasn't specified which 2015 Mustang models the Line Lock feature will be available on. Ford demonstrated the system for a promotional video using a 2015 Mustang GT. The Line Lock system may be a 10 out of 10 on the fun factor scale, but be forewarned the fun will come at the price (no pun intended) of heavy wear on the rear tires. Replacement tires are expected to cost anywhere from $200 to $300 per tire depending on Mustang model. In other words, one fun afternoon of burnouts could cost as much as $600 for two new tires.

Here's the promotional video from Ford which demonstrates the Line Lock system:



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